Quick Description: Webinar was held on September 15, 2020 and our partner, Tom Dunn, presented the software MyGemba for easier training & project tracking for lean consultants.

MyGemba: Expand Your Services With Software

Quick Description: Webinar was held on June 9, 2020 and our partner at BMA Inc. discussed how to explain lean accounting to lean consultant’s clients. This can also be useful for anyone who must explain lean accounting to business owners, presidents, CEOs and CFOs.

A Lean Consultant’s Guide to Lean Accounting Webinar

  We have been asked by consultants and from some of our small, fast growing clients about the federal and state programs to assist smaller businesses during these rough times.  Below you will find an overview on the federal programs that are special and short term as well as some […]

COVID-19: Financial Programs for Small Businesses

  The 2nd challenge we cover in the series comes from the timeless advice of Ken Blanchard on developing training that changes behavior.  While his advice is basic and fundamental, sometimes we get so caught up in things, re-reviewing the fundamentals is time well spent.   Read his article to […]

L&D Challenges – A 9 Part Series: Challenge #2

        9 Challenges You Must Address to Enhance Your Company’s Skills Training Program (For those in Operations, Process Improvement, HR or L&D)         In most United States corporations, there is an opportunity to systematically improve the development and delivery of skills upgrade training.  While […]

L&D Challenges – A 9 Part Series: Challenge #1

  Statutory incentives are the type almost everyone pursues and obtains. Tax departments and tax advisors are good at this.  These incentives are required to be offered to all on the same basis.  More specifically, to earn the incentive what a company has to do is spelled out, the value […]

Chances Are You Are Doing Well with Statutory Incentives – How About ...

Five Critical Facts to Know Regarding State Incentives to Corporations (or a Government Incentives Cheat Sheet for Dummies) Executive Overview The reasons why incentives make sense for everyone is multiple. First, incentives benefit everyone: state, county and local governments, the recipient corporation, new employees and more. Second, incentive projects are […]

Five Critical Facts to Know…