Top 5 Reasons Why Companies Underutilize State Incentives

Incentives are such a large and frequent opportunity that corporate executives need to plan for them at least once each year. The best place for this incentive planning is the capital expenditure planning process. First, consider that there are two main classifications: (a) statutory incentives and (b) negotiated incentives.  Statutory are […]

A Government Incentives Cheat Sheet

Four Critical Facts to Know Regarding State Incentives to Corporations Executive Overview The reasons why incentives make sense for everyone is multiple. First, incentives benefit everyone: state, county and local governments, the recipient corporation, new employees and more. Second, incentive projects are tax creation projects. When corporations get awarded incentives it […]

Analytics are a Training Manager’s Best Friend

  Analytics: What They Are and Why You Should Use Them Since the 2008 recession, training leaders are all too familiar with directives to do more with less. As the economy has slowly improved, many organizations have more resources available to develop their people, but the need to eliminate and […]