The IM-Actio Group


New Partner at The Incentives Management Group

Fairfield, Connecticut—Tuesday September 12, 2017— The Incentives Management Group has formed a joint venture with Actio Learning to address the underfunded training needs of corporations and their employees.  By aligning the strengths of our two organizations, we will provide clients:

With a no or very low-cost plan that includes

  • a training needs assessment
  • training plan design
  • grant application and administration
  • training course development and delivery
  • and, post training assessment

“We are excited to work in partnership so that we can add even more value to client projects.” said Marty Abbott, President at The Incentives Management Group and Brian Blecke, Partner of Actio Learning.  They continued, “Many businesses need the combination of these services so that they can quickly propose to their employees a complete and essential skills training program funded by state grants.  And, as clients see the results, we believe they will be excited to fund substantial training themselves in future years.” The following seven states are predicted to have the best programs to pursue funding: Virginia, Idaho, Arizona, California, Texas, Massachusetts, and Florida.


About Actio Learning

Actio Learning is passionate about people, learning, and performance. Actio creates strategic data-driven training programs that bring into balance organizational goals, solve business problems and build world class performing employees. We champion the business leader, training officer, and learner as a collective whole, each with a unique set of needs who together create organizational change.                                           

About The Incentives Management Group

The IM Group is a professional services firm assisting clients with state, county and local government financial incentives.  These incentives can occur when companies invest and add jobs, retain jobs or train. The IM Group helps companies of all sizes. We are the subject matter expert. Our services include (a) identify opportunities, (b) negotiate incentive packages and (c) manage compliance reporting over time.


Contact: Emma Gruber

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