The IM group helps companies of all sizes achieve cost savings

Every year, The IM Group obtains more than $20 million in government benefits for our clients. We obtain government financial benefits as you grow, invest or train.


We help companies of all sizes obtain these incentives.  We work with Fortune 500 companies on a regular basis savings them millions of dollars a year both domestically here in the United States as well as internationally.  In addition, we have achieved significant savings for privately held companies with 150 employees in a single state. We are the subject matter expert and act as both intermediary and facilitator.  Assisting our clients we carry out most of the tasks required for our clients to save costs through government programs and facility planning.


Our results are enhanced by:

  • A deep knowledge of government programs
  • A thorough understand of site analysis and selection
  • Years of experience in states representing 86% of GDP
  • High levels of connectivity with state and local officials
  • An efficient work process that requires leadership teams at client locations to invest only a few incremental hours of their time.