Incentives Management

Our combination of strategic and tactical services is unique

Investments in (a) new equipment, (b) an expanded facility or (c) a new facility, allow us to negotiate high levels of cost savings incentives from state, county/province and local governments, The IM Group not only handles all the negotiations, and the application paperwork, but we also manage all compliance work ensuring that all dollars made available are actually received.

  • Expansion Incentives
  • Retention Incentive
  • U.S. Training Grants and Incentives

Strategic Recommendations

  • Analyze corporate strategy, operational footprint and investments planned as well as changes in the composition and investments (training) in employees
  • Review strategies and tactics to pursue regarding cost savings that can be achieved by better facilities alignment and better utilization of government cost savings programs


Leadership in Negotiations and Communications

  • Arrange meetings with government and non-government personnel including, when appropriate, the Governor of the State
  • Expedite communications and process through various levels
  • For each meeting, advise the client on strategy and tactics, attendees, agenda and ideal outcomes


Correspondence and Communications

  • Be responsible for the completion of all paperwork and applications
  • Work with clients while securing cost savings as well as during the life of the programs, sometimes lasting ten or more years